Section of Fast Paced Beginners

Section of Fast Paced Beginners

Section of Fast Paced Beginners

Section of Fast Paced Beginners

Weekly Beginner Pace 2024

Our friends,

After a '23 that managed to compensate us for what we went through in the last two years, we move forward to 2024 with more optimistic smiles!!!

The aim of the weekly cruises is to combine vacation and learning, through real cruising conditions.

In the morning hours theory and sailing, the rest of the day anchoring in specific destinations enjoying the summer.

It is an experience worth sharing... Because together we have a better time....

Program 2024



1st Group: 08/07-13/07/2024 (Departure from N.A.O.K.Th return to Nea Skioni)

2nd Group: 17/07-19/07/2023 (Departure from Nea Skioni, return to Nea Skioni)

3rd Group: 20/07-25/07/2023 (Departure from Nea Skioni return to Nea Skioni)

4th Group: 26/07-31/07/2023 (Departure from Nea Skioni return to Nea Skioni or N.A.O.K.TH)

The program AS WELL AS THE DESTINATIONS are adjusted according to the weather conditions and the occupancy of the ports.

The total cost of participation amounts to 600 euros, of which 350 pertains to membership in the group, and 250 to participation in the sailing activity with the boat.

In any case of insurmountable stuckness (boat damage, illness, etc.) the total amount paid is returned (deposited to your account).

For more details regarding our "trip" and the essentials we will need, we will refer to it in the near future.

JULY 2024

1st DAY

Departure from NAOKTH or Nea Skioni of Halkidiki at 08:00 am. Unit 1: Introduction to sailing-nomenclature. Overnight in N. Moudania or Skopelos, respectively

2nd DAY

Departure from N Moudania or Skopelos. Section 2: Navigations-Anchoring. Arrival at Steni Vala Alonissos

3rd DAY

Departure from Steni Vala. Section 3: Shipping 1. Arrival in Skopelos

4th DAY

Tour South of Kyra Panagia (possible entry fee) for practice and bathing. Section 4: Shipping 2. Return to Skopelos or Steni Vala.


Departure from Skopelos and arrival at Steni Vala. Unit 5: D.K.A.S. (International Collision Avoidance Regulations) and Lifesaving equipment

6th DAY

Early morning night sailing (Section 6) and departure for N.A.O.K.Th or Nea Skioni. Unit 7: Meteorology and First Aid

Written exams