Who we are

The open sea sailing center of N.A.O.K. Thessaloniki is the 1st open sea sailing school in N. Greece that has been operating continuously since 1970 (the story begins with the legendary boat "THERMOPYLAI", a SWAN-36 built in 1968 in designs by Sparkman-Stephens which was granted by C .GA in the group in 1969) and counts to this day thousands of athletes mainly from the wider region of Macedonia but also from abroad. The center operates within the framework and purposes of the N.A.O.K.TH. which is the spread of nautical sports and especially open sea sailing, which has been spreading rapidly in recent years in Greece. The instructors of the school are experienced, certified sailing coaches from the Panhellenic Association of Sailing Coaches (PASPI) and offer their services in nautical sports.

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