Weekly Paces 07/08-07 31. Four groups of unforgettable experiences

The aim of the week-long fast-track is to combine vacation and learning, through real cruising conditions.

Beginners Department 05/18 – 06/30/2024

Our goal is a complete introduction to sailing and nautical art. The athletes of this section have all the knowledge to live sailing experiences in the Aegean. To attend this section, no special knowledge is required, only knowledge of swimming.

Section of Advanced - Race Training

The Competitive Sailing Department of the Open Sea Sailing Center of N.A.O.K.TH. aims at specialized knowledge of racing sailing, to become competent crews by acquiring knowledge of trim, tactical movements and steering of racing boats


Excursions and activities



The instructors of the school are experienced, certified coaches - instructors of sailing by the Panhellenic Association of Sailing Coaches (PASPI) and offer their services in nautical sports.


The fleet of boats used by our center consists of fully equipped and seaworthy boats


Welcome !

Our aim is for you to experience the art of sailing while making sure your experience is safe and enjoyable. We start from scratch. All that is needed is for the interested party to be over 18 years old and know how to swim.

Experienced sailors take care of the rest.

We have tried to make the theory in a pleasant and relaxing way so that it can be easily understood.
In practice our main concern is seamanship and sailing always with your safety at sea in mind. Sailing is not only about the knowledge of the sea and the sails, but also many moments of fun and relaxation, which you will experience with the company and the crew, throughout your practice.
The main areas that will concern all courses are Shipping, Anchoring, Trimming (adjustment) of Sails, Regulation of Avoiding Collisions at Sea, etc.

In the night sailing, included in the program of our center, you will live the experience of sailing at night. You will learn to recognize high beams, headlights and many other things that look completely different during the day. From the moment the boats leave the port, the mind escapes from everyday life and travels to the sea.

We wish you many good sailing experiences !

– Avramidis Vasilis

Why with us?


Because with us, during the beginner's training, you are given the opportunity to participate as a crew in sailing races... and now having a "sailing racing" point of view, if you wish, to continue your sailing experience in our racing section.


Because with us, you can take your family or your company, and we will work together so that you find your "sailing steps"


Because with us, you are given the opportunity even after the course to take additional courses until you feel confident enough to take a boat on your own, without any additional financial burden.


Because we belong to the Nautical Club of Kalamaria Thessaloniki, and as a club we provide the possibility of registering a member and in the prospect of buying a sailing boat we give the possibility of mooring it in our marina.


And finally…. because with us you will enjoy the sailing experience to the fullest.