Our Trainers

” The offshore sailing center employs 3 instructors for theoretical and practical offshore sailing. These are people with great experience both theoretically and practically.
The theory takes place in the hall of our center at the premises of the Kalamaria Nautical Club and the practice starts with our boats from the port of the Kalamaria Nautical Club."

– Avramidis Vasilis

Our Trainers

Αβραμίδης Βασίλης

Avramidis Vassilis

Head of School - Instructor

Graduated offshore sailing coach.
Graduate of the Naval Academy of the Merchant Navy.
He participates in the open sea championships of the Thessaloniki groups as captain of the boat BLUE DOG, since 2002, as well as in Panhellenic competitions such as

Γιάννης Ε. Τζιτζιγιάννης

Giannis E. Tzigiannis


He started Sailing in 1992.
He was an athlete at National and World level.
He dealt with the Optimist, 420, 470 and OD25 classes.
Olympic Course Sailing Champion.
Graduated Sailing Coach from the General Secretariat of Sports.
Olympic Course Sailing Coach (2002 – 2019)
Open Sea Sailing Instructor since 2007.
He holds the RYA / MCA YACHTMASTER OFFSHORE SAILING certificate from the RYA (RoyalYachting Association, UK).

Δημήτρης Πουλής

Dimitris Poulis


Sailing athlete since 2007 with many awards at the national and international level.
Graduated sailing coach from the General Secretariat of Sports.
He has been working as a sailing coach since 2018 as well as a professional skipper on sailing and motor boats since 2017.